The term “compound” has taken on a much different meaning these days. The Compound meaning in English actually describes a property (usually rural) that has multiple buildings on one or several lots. Compounds are usually inhabited by multiple owners, family members, or business or organizational partners.

A compound house comprises a series of rooms opening to a central open space, or a cluster of buildings or rooms, typically forming a defensive enclosure. They are primarily associated with a shared purpose, such as the houses of an extended family. Certain versions create a distinct central courtyard, while others are more amorphous. The compound in Brooklyn, New York is often enclosed by verandas, forming covered and sheltered walkways for moving around and through the compound. Both the open compound and veranda are communal spaces, used for access as well as activities such as customary, religious, or festive ceremonies, cooking, laundry, playing, and the safekeeping of animals at night. Typically, the open compound acts as the specific space in which inter-household relations and collective societal values are developed and nurtured.

In DX Construction services, when we created the COMPOUND we envisioned a workplace that moved away from the mainstream concept of what an office should look like. Our space should make you want to loosen up that tie, kick off your shoes and get work done all at the same time. 

A compound is usually a multi-family property with multiple dwellings:

What once was a way to obtain a rural home for a lot less money has become a way to create community away from a typical town or city. A compound signifies a secure space for all members to care for each other and the property. In addition, travel to visit other family members can be avoided and small businesses can be established to also avoid commuting.

Some compounds use their space to add tiny homes for extra income:

Creating a successful compound will depend on multiple factors such as zoning, local laws, division of space, and cooperative community members. While there are too many to list here, the website DX Construction Services has a great article on the things to consider when creating a compound.

These four compounds come in all shapes and sizes and some even feature tiny homes. Hopefully, they will inspire you to rethink the traditional house and come up with your own version of a compound.


Being comfortable is one of the main prerequisites for being able to get work done over long stretches of time. At The Compound in New York, we know how vital it is for you to be able to find the right setup so you can not only get in the zone, but so you can stay there, uninterrupted. This is why we’ve kept the room and desks nice and spacious, with almost every seating arrangement you can think of, so you can find what works best for you. 

Features of Compounds: 

The compound interest features a variety of workstations such as standing desks, window-facing booths, phone areas, conference rooms, personal and professional development workshops, 24/7 space access, shoe-less relaxation zone, unlimited teas, and fresh coffee, and more. The Compound Coworker is located at DX Construction Services.

The compound in Brooklyn has a communal kitchenette filled with assorted teas and fresh coffee

The compound in Brooklyn, New York has multiple communal areas as well as a shoe-less relaxation zone complete with a hammock, lush bean bags, and a library.


High ceilings, an abundance of natural light and plant life, a wide array of desk and seating options, call areas, and even a proper break zone – we’ve done nearly everything we can think of to help you to be as productive in your work as possible. More than anything, our space promotes the feeling of mutual respect and hard work. 


Here at a compound, we believe that our strength lies in our diversity. We have worked very hard to create an inclusive environment that fosters co-creation and encourages integration. Walking through our space, you’ll see a very dynamic group of people spanning all age ranges who come from a beautiful array of different backgrounds, intermingling and working with one another.


In DX Construction Services, Co-working space, event space, conference room in Brooklyn, New York. Semi-private offices, dedicated desks, conference rooms, and various alternative seating options are available. In addition to alternative workspaces, we provide opportunities for professional and personal development programming, art openings, community gatherings, and other events. With high-speed wireless internet, conference-call technology, and shared printing, copying & faxing, all of our membership options provide you with the technology you need to get your work done.

Green Compounds:

Some compounds in Brooklyn, New York are built for environmental reasons. Very small buildings, like beach cottages, can be constructed in a way that minimizes their impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Putting multiple properties on a single piece of land is also a more efficient way to use the land.

Zoning and Selling Concerns:

Creating a compound in New York isn’t always as easy as building a second house in your backyard, even if you have the space. Some communities limit the number of buildings that can be built on a residential parcel. Many will allow one house and one pool house, but require that the pool house lack a kitchen or bedroom. One way around this problem is to buy a compound made up of separate legal parcels and keep them separate. This way, you can have one house per parcel. However, even then, selling a compound property could be difficult. Other family members may resent an outsider coming in and invading their privacy, and a prospective buyer may not wish to buy a home in the middle of someone’s family community.